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Life in the UK Test Practice – Can you Pass a Life in the UK Test?

How many Life in the UK test practice questions can you answer correctly? Below we have a fun quiz to see how much you know about life in the UK. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s basically a test that some people must complete as part of their citizenship process.

We’ve set the pass mark for this Life in the UK practice test at 75% (18 out of 24), same as the real test. All answers, along with your score will be revealed after submitting your answers. Good luck.

1. TRUE or FALSE: Drivers over 70 years old have to renew their licence every 3 years.

Question 1 of 24

2. The Emancipation Act abolished slavery throughout the British Empire in ___.

Question 2 of 24

3. Which TWO have won the Nobel Prize in Literature? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 3 of 24

4. Which statement below is true about voting in a General Election?

Question 4 of 24

5. Which statement below is true?

Question 5 of 24

6. All of the following are plays by William Shakespeare EXCEPT:

Question 6 of 24

7. Which statement about the Habeas Corpus Act is true?

Question 7 of 24

8. The Thistle flower is associated with which part of the UK?

Question 8 of 24

9. Which TWO are famous British writers? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 9 of 24

10. Which TWO are famous British inventors of the 20th century? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 10 of 24

11. All of these are famous landmarks in England EXCEPT:

Question 11 of 24

12. Which statement below is true?

Question 12 of 24

13. TRUE or FALSE: Theresa May was the first female Prime Minister?

Question 13 of 24

14. TRUE or FALSE: The Hundred Years’ war lasted exactly 100 years.

Question 14 of 24

15. When is St Patrick's Day in Northern Ireland?

Question 15 of 24

16. In which year did World War I end?

Question 16 of 24

17. Which statement below is true?

Question 17 of 24

18. TRUE or FALSE: England and France developed the supersonic jet Concorde.

Question 18 of 24

19. Which TWO are famous British sportsmen? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 19 of 24

20. Which TWO are books written by Roald Dahl? (Choose 2 answers)

Question 20 of 24

21. What is Geoffrey Chaucer famously known for?

Question 21 of 24

22. Which statement below is true?

Question 22 of 24

23. Which statement below is correct?

Question 23 of 24

24. Who was Prime Minister during most of World War II?

Question 24 of 24


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