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Sep 9, 2021 - 5 minute read

Why did you apply for this Job? - 9 Answers to this TA Interview Question

Why did you apply for this job answers

“Why did you apply for this job?" is one of the most popular teaching assistant interview questions of 2021.

It’s important to know that when an interviewer asks this question, they’re looking for more than just “I need a job”. In fact, this is possibly the worse answer you can give.

Instead, you should try to highlight some good reasons why you chose to become a teaching assistant in the first place.

With that in mind, here are nine angles you can use, along with a sample answer for each.

9 Why did you apply for this Job Answers

1. Great Variety

I found my previous nine to five job very tedious and uninspiring. But as a teaching assistant, I’d look forward to the variety each day brings.

Kids and classrooms are so unpredictable, but that’s what I would find stimulating. Meeting so many different daily challenges should keep me active, alert and full of enthusiasm for this exciting job.

2. Role Model

I believe I have the right background to encourage good behaviour and consideration, especially amongst disruptive pupils. I remember being helped in a similar way when I was at school. Now I’ll be able to repay that attention by helping a new generation.

As a teaching assistant, I’ll have more freedom than the teacher in becoming a friend to pupils who appear troubled. I hope to encourage signs of good behaviour which should help establish a stress-free classroom.

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3. Rewarding

Why did you apply for this job seems very obvious to me. It’s one of the most rewarding careers I can think of. To reach the end of each working day knowing that I’d helped pupils improve themselves would be so fulfilling.

I’d consider it as time well spent. I’m looking forward to assisting the teacher with devising and presenting inspiring lessons.

It will be interesting to see how much we can impress the pupils. This is one job where I feel I’ll accomplish something worthwhile.

4. Balancing Work and Home

I have young children, so this job is perfect for matching their timetables. I’ll be able to concentrate on my job much more effectively.

There won’t be any distractions such as who will supervise them at the end of the day or during the school holidays.

This job will help me balance my home and work life. It will enable me to relax and make the most of my time in the classroom.

5. Diplomatic Skills

I am aware from my teaching assistant course that some children are held back by unhelpful parents. I spent some time volunteering as a counsellor for a well-known charity.

I believe I can use the training I received to effectively reach out to parents who hinder their children from fully adapting to school life. I think I could be an effective, diplomatic link between parents and the teacher.

6. Potential

Looking back on my own school days, I know that I wasted many of the opportunities on offer to me. I’m grateful to have a second chance of pursuing a worthwhile career as a teaching assistant.

I’m sure I can use my experience effectively to inspire the pupils. I’d like to persuade them to recognise their chances before they find it’s too late.

7. Detailed Attention

I love the idea of being able to encourage pupils who show signs of real promise. They and their parents might not be aware of any hidden talents. But providing pupils with individual tuition would help me assess their potential.

I could then work with the teacher to find the best way of nurturing exceptional skills. It would be very rewarding to learn one day that someone I helped had become a leading academic or entrepreneur.

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8. Special Educational Needs

I’m sure many people would say why did you apply for this job as it requires a great deal of patience. But as a Special Educational Needs (SEN) teaching assistant, the fulfilment can be so much more rewarding.

I want to try and help every individual pupil to make some progress. I feel there are so many positive aspects to becoming a Special Needs teaching assistant such as effective communication and encouragement.

9. Artistic Pursuits

I applied for this job because I want to do more than just teach children to read. I’m looking forward to using my artistic skills to encourage imagination and self-expression.

I can help them paint and make amazing animals from pieces of cardboard. Playacting is an art form that provides children of all ages with confidence. I’d like to help with costume design and writing short plays for them to act out.


The question “Why did you apply for this job?" provides you with opportunities to highlight your skills. Showing genuine concern for children should help towards securing a successful job offer.

These why did you apply for this job answers are meant to be a guideline to helping you answer the often-surprising question that can catch you off guard during an interview.

Adapt the answers to fit your own situation, always promote the children’s welfare and include your own excellent qualities wherever possible.